Article worth reading! :D

Make More Money By Making Your Employees Happy

Blog post on how treating people correctly can actually make you a more profitable organization. Great references to actual numbers that prove it. Cooper references Dr. Nelson new book and explain why it’s not all just about money.

10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Employees
Jeff Haden is always getting this stuff right. In this post he gives 10 (simple) things that make you a great leader... moreover will make you more successful in the long run, and I am betting a happier person. I especially appreciate #9, despite what people might tell you otherwise.

Rethink the Work of Leadership
* Great blog on the new leadership needed to run today's organizations. A servant leadership style and a defined high performing culture will take you much further then just instilling fear or incentives.

Americans hate their jobs, even with perks
USATODAY Article using Gallup data to show the dismal state of employee engagement in the US. Talks about perks not have the impact and that true engagement comes for things like encouragement, shared opinions and team work.


What If Human Capital Was An Asset On The Balance Sheet
* Awesome blog entry on needing a new way to value assets with in a organization. Great prediction that the time is coming when all will recognition that people are an asset makes a business compelling.