Tuesday, July 28, 2015

16 Items Anyone Going to College Should Know

My Niece who lives in Upstate New York recently graduated from high school. As much as I wanted to be there thinks just didn’t work out. I wanted to do something meaningful, so I figured I would write her a letter. She worked really hard to get into college so I wanted to tell her all the things I learned about getting through college. Included below is the letter and 16 thing anyone going into college should know.         

Hi Sami… I hope you are enjoying your graduation. I really wish I could be there, but lots of things just didn’t make it an ideal situation. :( So I thought I would write you a letter. I want you to know I am so very, very proud of you!!! I know you have put in lots of hard work, effort and persistence, against great odds to get to this point and in a positive direction going forward. Great Job! Be Proud! Smile like hell! You’ve earned it! :D

There were a few tips and tricks that I learned while I was struggling, and I mean struggling (it took me 5 years) to get through college and I thought I would share them with you here… I hope they help.
  •  College has nothing to do with intelligence (or at least very little). Collage is all about persistence. So just keep working at it, never give up and you will get there.
  • Start classes early, first class should be around 8 am, and get as many done in the morning as possible. Take and enjoy naps! :D
  • Go to class, sit in the front row, do homework immediately (don’t leave the building until home work is done)
  • Stay after class at least once a week and ask the professor a question (even if you don’t have one). …make sure the professor knows who you are and knows you by name.
  • Know which professors are good… choose classes based on good (great) professors not topics.
  • Build momentum you first semester or two… start with good grades and lots of focus, this early momentum will carry you through.
  • Get involved in groups, pick 3 or 4 groups per semester you are interested in and join those groups… keep adding and dropping until you have a 3 you are really passionate about.
  • Facebook: only add people as FB friends that are family or add happiness to you life. 
  • LinkedIn: create a LinkedIn account immediately. Link will everyone you meeting that can add value(now or in the future)… teachers, guest speakers, friends, older classmates, and especially anyone already in the workforce… always maintain this account it high quality, it will become very valuable later in life.
  •  Create a blog and post once a month… just write about yourself and what you think.
  • Build great friends, these will be your friends for life, put great effort into this.
  • Start off and always be frugal with your meal card… it always runs out.
  • Plan and make at least a 2 spring break trips to Florida or somewhere fun.
  • @Parties: never fall asleep, keep shoes on, know the exits, don’t leave your drink and always be with a friend.
  • In Dorm: Choose bottom bunk, leave door open, don’t leave cloths in washer and don’t study in room.
  • Work hard, Be persistent, Have fun, and Enjoy yourself! 
  •  Don’t schedule classed on Friday if you can help it. (bonus 17, added later)
Great job with high school! Good luck with college and keep on crushing it! :D

Love, Uncle John